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A can-do attitude and over three decades of experience in delivering high-end creative solutions back our team.

Private Sanctuary has been operating in the real estate industry for over 30 years and has been active in the South of Lombok for over a decade.
We have a team of distributed architects based in Jakarta and Hong Kong who are responsible for designing our villas and turning your dreams into reality. 
By having architects in different locations, Private Sanctuary benefits from diverse perspectives and expertise.
Furthermore, Private Sanctuary has an operations team and partners on the ground in Lombok to ensure effective oversight of the construction process. 
The operations team can coordinate with the construction partners, ensuring that the construction aligns with the architectural designs and meets the desired quality standards.

Leveraging our expertise in the South of Lombok, Private Sanctuary has expanded its activities to offer a comprehensive property management service. 
Take advantage of our experience and let us take care of your property from A to Z.


PS Property Management Team

We offer more than 10 years of experience in the luxury hotel industry in South Lombok to meet your needs. 
Take advantage of our expertise in operational management, property maintenance, digital marketing, and accommodation for your property.
Over time, we have successfully adapted our methods for training local staff, resulting in excellent teams performance and improvement.
Our ultimate goal is to optimize your property's occupancy, create a sustainable revenue stream, maintain its condition to promote growth over time, and alleviate you of the burden of these responsibilities
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